Tommaso Guerra

People who worked with me say:

‘Tommaso is a delight to work with.  He get’s it!  He has ideas!  And he has energy! Tommaso is currently working multiple projects with us – for clients all the way in India.  He brings a point of view, a fresh take and a great aesthetic.  Look forward to much more working together.’ / Lisa Mukhedkar / Co-Founder & Director / Restore

‘Tommaso is a rare creative being that eludes any definition, he takes the time to live his projects and put life into them, that’s why his work is so precious.’ / Michele 5 / film director

‘I always say there is no creativity if you can’t use a tool: a pen, a pencil, a paintbrush, a camera… Tommaso knows how to use them all, he has good ideas and he knows how to elaborate them: painting letters on walls, creating places and objects, inside but especially outside Adobe’s creative cloud.’ / Paola Manfroni / Creative director / Marimo

‘I met Tommaso many years ago. I still remember what stroke me in his portfolio: it was a small logo, insignificant to others, but to me it seemed very creative, ironic and intelligent – just like Tommaso was. I hired him, and there a true crazy love began (work-wise, I mean). We’ve spent many beautiful years working together and got on really well, both as friends and professionally. Many great projects in the graphic design and advertising later Tommaso let himself be seduced by another agency and he left me. I still regret losing his spirit, liveliness and wit.’ / Daniele Comelli / Creative director / B&T Communications

‘An empathetic and imaginative professional relationship that gave life to my biggest dream. Competent, eclectic, calm and efficient. A real professional.’ / Valentina / Entrepreneur / Romeow cat bistrot

‘I got to know Tommaso in 2017 through his works and I immediately decided to study his approach to design. His work is interesting, concrete but still has no limits and labels – and this is what a professional should always aspire to!’ / Ludovica Proietti / Cofounder / Ala34

‘If I were to build 10 restaurants or houses, I would give him carte blanche, aware that quality, price and speed of execution are his strongest points.’ / Luigi / Entrepreneur / L’officina food and music

‘When Tommaso has the recognition he deserves and everybody knows him and these sentences will no longer make any sense, at least I will be able to say that I already knew it, that I already appreciated his creativity, fresh and ironic. Moreover, Tommaso is a person worth knowing, funny as what he creates.’ / Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba / designer

RESUME – interior design

RESUME – graphic design